Extra Hands

In our busy lives the work/home balance is becoming harder to juggle and is often tipped in favour of work, often leaving chores piling up. Tired and overwhelmed by time constraints, frustrated because we spend so little time with our families and because we always seem to be trying to catch up. As Clean As created the Extra Hands service to make your life that much easier.


Our “Extra Hands” service is just what is says it is. Especially designed for the home and families, to offer a domestic hand as and when needed. Because your package is tailored to cater to your individual needs with our flexibility you can, with notice add or remove jobs to suit your schedule.

Make those little jobs you keep putting off our business and use the time saved to do what your best at.

Dinner Party Clean ups

The guests have gone, the kitchen is a mess and you have an early start. Overwhelmed! Book As Clean As agents to clear away the pots and pans and dishes, and start your day with just the memories of a perfect dinner party.

Spring Cleans

Whether you just want to clear out the winter cobwebs, or those kitchen cupboards, dust or deep clean your home. Let our agents give your home a once over fresh clean introduction to Spring.

End of tenancy clean

Moving in/out is said to be one of the most stressful things we endure in life. Let As Clean As clear up the mess while you concentrate on unpacking in you new home.

officeOffice Cleaning

Clinching that all important business deal? Why not create an environment to suit? We know how lasting first impressions are to your clients, whilst understanding the importance of a clean working environment for the productivity and morale of your staff. However large or small your office is, from your reception area to washroom hygiene, we can tailor a professional cleaning package to suit you. And because, we proudly deliver a first class cleaning service operating 24/7 365 days of the year we can perform with the minimum of disruption to your business or services.

Equipment Cleansing

Talk to us about specialist cleaning for your equipment. Telephones and Keyboards hold an amazing amount of dust and particles and bacteria gathered through everyday use, and is often overlooked by cleaning companies. As Clean As understands why it is essential to have these items sanitised regularly.

Bars and Restaurants

Let our teams clear up so you can plan the next days trading. We offer a range of services for bars and restaurants requiring cleaning services.


Don’t just throw away your clutter. Our recycling service is the perfect way of donating your spoils back into the community. Clothes, Toys and blankets, computer games and electrical items can be cleaned up or repaired and donated to day centres, afterschool activity centres, charity shops and hospices in your local area. Tell us if you have any causes close to the heart, that you would specifically like us to donate your spoils to and we will arrange it for you.

Portfolio features


Take full advantage of our pre-registered VAT status!!!!!! Pre-book a spring clean for your home or office during April-June 2011 and get an extra 20% off. When placing your booking quote reference ORB1811

Portfolio featuresCharity Work

As Clean As firmly believes in giving something back and we are always on the lookout for individual causes to donate to. Follow our efforts in 2011.

Portfolio featuresCleaning Tip

Always leave half of a fresh cut lemon in the fridge. It will absorb odours and leave the fridge smelling fresh.